About the company


Ganz Engineering and Energy Production Machinery LLC. (Ganz EEPM LLC.) is a Hungarian-Russian joint venture established in 2008, which carries on the energy production machinery manufacturing activity of the legendary Ganz-művek founded in 1844. 



The company is 49 percent owned by the Hungarian Ganz Holding, which unites Hungarian production and service providing companies. The 51 percent Russian majority owner is the Russian Atomenergomash group containing 50 engineering and energy production machinery manufacturing companies. Ganz EEPM’s main activity is engineering, energy production machinery manufacturing, more precisely the manufacturing of hydro-machinery, power plant, oil industry and environmental protection systems. In possession of the more than 150 year-old Hungarian energy production machinery manufacturing know-how the company has unique knowledge and experience in Hungary and Central Europe in the field of planning and manufacturing individual small-series products: small, medium-sized and large pumps, water turbines, power plant fuel handling machines. 


Innovation has been a century-old tradition at the company, which is indicated by that in 2009 the company won the Industrial Innovation Grand Prize with its welded casing double-suction pumps, and in 2012 it was awarded the Hungarian Product Grand Prize. The company is successful both on the Hungarian and world market: its high capacity power plant pumps are also in demand in the Russian and Ukrainian nuclear energy branch. Due to the professional knowledge and flexibility of the company’s highly qualified and experienced staff we can completely satisfy our customers’ special demands.