GANZ termékek

Egyedi tervezésű és gyártású termékeinket tökéletesen a megrendelőink igényeire szabjuk. Ebben segítségünkre van az energetikai gépgyártásban a cégünk és elődei által felhalmozott másfél évszázados tudás, tapasztalat, gyártási kultúra és igényesség.


  • Huge pumps to produce for Belarus NPP

    Ganz will produce  8 powerful pumps type „BPC-1800"  in 2015 for the Belarussian NPP. The compeny also produces for this plant 90 different pumps second, third and fourth-grade security class, which are designed for pumping boric water.


  • Mini hydro station from Ganz

    Ganz has developed in 2013 a prototype of mini Hydro Power Station which can supply with electricity remote areas located far from the national grid. 


  • Te portfolio of orders increased

    The portfolio of orders of JSC "Atomenergomash" (AEM) last year amounted to 227.7 billion rubles. In absolute figures, order backlog increased by 77.3 billion rubles - said General Director Andrei Nikipelov



Our products comply with international standards and are inspected by independent attestation bodies in harmony with the prescriptions of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.




In numerous places all over the world the name of Ganz has been synonymous with Hungarian engineering tradition, innovation and modern industrial production for nearly 170 years. Our company continues the energy industry machinery production of the legendary Ganz-művek founded in 1844, it is a member of the Rosatom group, which plays a globally important role in the energy industry.




Ganz Engineering and Energy Production Machinery LLC. established in 2008 is a Hungarian-Russian joint venture and plays an important role in custom energy industry machine production and in the manufacture of hydro-machinery, pumps, turbines, nuclear power station and oil industry equipment, offering comprehensive solutions from design to production, from commissioning to maintenance.


About the company

Since 2008 Ganz EEPM has belonged to the Rosatom group, which encompasses the entire Russian nuclear energy industry. Its owners are the Hungarian Ganz Holding Zrt. (49%) and the majority shareholder, the Russian concern Atomenergomash (51%), which includes more than 50 Russian and other foreign engineering and energy industry machine manufacturing companies.

Ganz EEPM is a medium sized company with a staff of 170 and an annual turnover of some EUR 20 million.


In possession of more than one and a half centuries of energy industry machinery production know-how, the company has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of small series production: small, medium sized and large pumps, water turbines, nuclear power plant fuel handling machines and gearboxes. Its measuring laboratory unique in Hungary and Central Europe enables development of new products, including our latest hot water and oil industry pumps, and a compact hydro turbine mounted in standard container which can open new markets for the organisation.