Mini hydro power plant 

Ganz EEM, the Hungarian subsidiary of "Atomenergomash" group developed a mini hydro power plant which is mounted in a standard container. The new product is designed to meet the electricity needs of remote areas without power grid. Mini hydropower plant consists of Francis hydraulic turbine, generator and control system (EMS). The generator provides 400 V, 50 Hz three-phase  electric current.


The main advantage of the mini hydro power plants is  that all the necessary equipments are mounted in a standard container and the system is ready for work after transportation to the setting place. To establish a mini hydro power plant is necessary an intake valve, charge and discharge pipe and connection to the local network, so the production of electricity can be started within a month after delivery. Management and control can be done via satellite.


Another promising innovative product, a turbine pump can service reservoirs, water utilities. When filling the reservoir the equipment operates as a pump, in a reverse mode turbine can produce electricity. The prototype of the mini hydropower plant will be ready by the summer of 2014 , the turbine-pump in  2015.


Director Ganz EEM , Attila Szitar -Csanadi said: Ganz has always been famous for its innovations. Our goal is  a permanent , sustainable development, in response to fulfil  new market needs with an equipment which produces cheap energy.


Huge pumps for Belarusian NPP


The company Ganz EEPM 2015 wil supply equipment for foreign projects of SC Rosatom. At present, the factory in Budapest is producing 8 powerful pumps type "BPC-1800." During the production process in the laboratory of Ganz EEPM was carried out tests of pump models, to check conformity of pump parameters calculated data. These pumps with pretotation devices have a power of 5.5 MW. This type of pump delivers 12 cubic meter of water per second to the circulation system of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. Ganz EEM also produces 90 different pumps second, third and fourth-grade security class. They  are designed for pumping boric water. Ganz EEM participate in 2015 in  the tender for the supply of stainless steel pumps for power units №3 and №4 Kudankulam NPP in India and takes part in the competition for the supply of pumping equipment for nuclear power plant Akkuyu (Turkey). Ganz  also manufactures pumps for thermal power plants. The company shipped  in April 2015 two pumps for Verkhnetagilskaya TPP. These pumps are designed for circulating hot water in the boiler sections of the TPP.


Atomenergomash increased orders


JSC "Atomenergomash" (AEM), the machinery division of Rosatom, has a portfolio of orders for producing machinery products  in amount of 227.7 billion rubles. This figure was announced at a meeting of the holding companies, held in Nizhny Novgorod on February 26-27, under the leadership of Director General of AEM Andrey Nikipelov. During the event, tehere were set goals for the year 2015. In absolute figures, order backlog increased by 77.3 billion rubles. Particulary in 2014 Atomenergomash signed contracts to complete supplies of nuclear steam supply systems for nuclear power plant "Akkuyu" in Turkey and nuclear power plant "Hanhikivi" in Finland. Holding companies signed contracts for the supply of various types of equipment for other objects. Significant driver of business was the shipbuilding industry. Thus, JSC "OKBM" signed a contract for the supply and installation of two sets of power unit „RITM-200” for nuclear-powered new generation icebreakers.


Mini hydro power station for remote areas


In 2013 Ganz EEPM llc. has  developed a prototype of mini Hydro Power Station which can supply with electricity remote areas located far from the national grid. The mini hydro power station consists  hydro turbine-generator and control units. The machine group and the necessary electric control equipement  are placed in a standard container. The project consist the design, manufacture and tests of the turbine-generator units supplied and settled in containers generation of power for villages, mining plants, forest production units, hotels etc. 


Basic data:


-        rated net head: 60-65 m

-        rated discharge: 1 m3/s

-        rated power: 500 kW

-        voltage: 3x400 V, 50 Hz

-        isolated network


Ganz EEPM llc. is able to provide turbines for smaller water reservoirs, lakes and other water basins with 1-2 meter rated net head.


From 45kW to 400 kW.


Ganz EEM was awarded for its pumps for the Rostov NPP 

The powerful MPB-2200-typed pumps with a pre-rotation device was designed by the company especially for the assigned station as a part of Russian target program for the development of atomic engineering industry. Getting the Grand-Prix as the best production supplier in Hungary, Attila Szitar-Csanadi, the Ganz EEM Director, noted, that this program did good both to Russian and Hungarian side.

Innovative product

The awarded product is a welded casing power plant pump considered innovative by specialists. Compared to its analogs this type of pumps has several advantages: they are simpler, faster and easier to produce, which makes their price lower and the quality no worse than that of the rivals. Besides, due to the design, the producer can easily alter the device according to the client’s demands. Russian atomists already use the innovative product. During the last two years Ganz EEM supplied 18 pumps meant for units’ 3 and 4 cooling systems of the Rostov NPP, with the total cost of $17.8 million. Four pumps of BvDF-600 type arrived at the station, two of them already installed at unit 3. The batch of seven МРВ-2200 pumps was supplied in 2012; seven more are expected by the end of the year. The equipment is used in the NPP and TPP onshore pumping stations and is known to be able to supply water with an unprecedented speed: seven pumps, working simultaneously, can fill a 50 х 25 х 2,2 m. pool in only 22 seconds.

Double profit

Last October Atomenergomash and Ganz EEM signed contracts for pump supplying for the Rostov and Baltic NPPs, with a total cost of more than EUR 20 million. Today no one has doubts about the profitability of the agreement both for the client and the supplier. The Rostov NPP builders got a high-quality equipment, while the Ganz EEM stock of orders grew by seven, today amounting to almost as much as EUR 40 million, with more than a half (EUR 23 million) being Russian orders. Moreover, today the Hungarians can pass their experience to other companies, interested in partnership with Rosatom.

MPB-2200 pumps are not the only Ganz EEM’s awarded product. In 2009 a double-suction welded casing power plant pump received the Grand-Prix of industrial innovation in Hungary.

Significant orders fulfilled
Ganz Engineering and Energy Productiion Machinery llc. in 2013 fulfilled significant orders. The company has supplied large pumps type DBNe 500 for the South Ukrainian NPP, which are designed for the cooling system of responsible consumers of the second circuit . Ganz EEPM also manufactured in 2013 nine big pumps for the 4-th reactor of Rostov NPP. Pumps type MPB-2200 and BvDF- 600 are designed to cool responsible consumers of the second circuit. They are used at the coastal pumping stations of nuclear power plant. In total, in 2012-2013 Ganz EEM supplied 18 pumps for cooling systems 3rd and 4th units of Rostov NPP . The Russian market is a priority for Ganz EEM . The company in 2013 completed an order fort delivery a fuel handling machine for the block number 1 of the Leningrad NPP-2 . Ganz is also active in other markets. The compnay has reconstructed fuel handling machines of Mochovce NPP  (Slovakia) and Dukovany NPP (Czech Republic) Ganz EEM is active in its traditional markets of Egypt , Pakistan and other countries.

Ganz EEM shipped pumps for the Rostov nuclear power plant

Ganz EEPM shipped 7 powerful circulation pumps MPB-2200 , designed for the power unit № 4 of Rostov nuclear power plant. Each of the pumps can deliver 17.5 cum / sec water. Pumps, weighing 100 tons each delivered to the river port on the Danube Csepel , where they were loaded onto barges. Then they will deliver them to the port of Constanta , and from there by sea - in Volgodonsk. In total, for the 3rd and 4th units of Rostov NPP company Ganz EEPM ensured delivery of 18 pumps, designed for the cooling system of the main equipment and cooling systems with cooling towers. The first two types of pump BvDF- 600 is installed on the station. Currently, for Ganz EEPM Russian market is a priority . In 2013, the company completed an order for parts of fuel handling machine for the block № 1 of the Leningrad NPP- 2 and carried out the reconstruction of fuel handling machines for NPP " Mochovce " (Slovakia ), and Dukovany (Czech RepublicÖ  Yearly turnover of Ganz EEPM llc. in 2012 amounted to 3.86 billion forints (10.3 million euros), the profit reached 332 million (1.1 million euros).


Ganz gains acces to Saudi market


"Ganz EEPM" llc., the Hungarian subsidiary of Atomenergomash group has gained acces to  Saudi Arabian market


Ganz EEPM llc, the Hungarian subsidiary of JSC "Atomenergomash" successfully passed qualification of the state energy company of Saudi Arabia (SEC). SEC issued a certificate which enables Ganz EEM to participate in tenders for supplying circulation pumps, pumps for sea water and for cooling systems, as well as hydraulic equipment for hot water supply.

Experts of SEC have held inspection of the production site Ganz EEPM llc. last year which enabled Ganz EEPM llc. to receive the certificate. 


Director of Ganz EEPM llc. Attila Szitar-Csanádi said: the company gained access to the market of energy equipment of one of the leading countries in the Middle East. Ganz may supply equipment for power generation plants, primarily pumps medium and large size and capacity for thermal power plants in this country." 

Mr. Szitar-Csanádi stressed, that the Saudi market is important for Ganz, which can success in this market, despite strong competition.

 History of Ganz companies starts its countdown in 1844. The Hungarian subsidiary of JSC "Atomenergomash"  produces equipment for nuclear, thermal and hydro power plants, including powerful pumps and turbines. Ganz has experience in engineering and production of hydro machinery over more than 150 years.